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When a stripper shakes her body or specifically her ass very fast.

She shivers and rattles much like a cheap apartment during an earthquake.
Bro, I was at this strip club last Tuesday and this chick put her ass in my face and turned on the stripperquake. It was dope.
by E. Meyers November 30, 2006
When you go down on a girl who's on the rag then leap up with your face covered in her menstrual fluid and let out a savage cry.
Girl: I was having my period, but I let him go down on me anyway. All of a sudden he jumped up and screamed. He looked like a crazy indian!
by E. Meyers November 30, 2006
Pemican refers to the outermost edges of the labia (not specific to, but often as a part of roast beef) which are darker in color if not a brownish shade similar to that of pemican a.k.a. beef jerky. Often darker brown along said edges, the appearance is also similar to that of seared ahi tuna like you'd get as an appetizer in a hip urban lounge or Japaneese restaurant. The finest pemican is made from Buffalo meat and prepared by Native Americans. This kind of Beef Jerky comes in a variety of flavors such as Terryaki, BBQ, and spicy jalapeno.
Dude, I was checkin' out this chick's twat and it was all pemican, bro. It looked like Tonto left his lunch in the canoe. I wanted to pack it in a stay-fresh ziplock baggie and take it on a road trip.
by E. Meyers November 30, 2006
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