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If a person is annihilated they should've lost the ability to walk.
This can happen through several forms of annihilation.
namely 1. excessive amounts of drink
2. being shagged by someone whose cock
is the size of a traffic cone
3.having your balls slapped so far into your
body that you are now pre-pubescent
1. 'you were necking them snakebites last night,
you were annihilated by 12'

2. 'yeah well i heard that she got annihilated'

3. 'ooo did you see lukes balls get annihilated
teaches him for trying out those freaky moves
in that dance-off'
by E-blocka October 13, 2006
when a person has such incredible shaggin stamina they bang like a barn door in a twister, or on a very windy day.
kat: yo Adele i saw you get with those flat 1 guys last night ive heard they've got impressive pork swords but how was the shag?

Adele: i cant walk! those fuckers bang like a barn door!

kat: twister or windy day?

Adele: twister honey, twister

by E-blocka October 19, 2006
an annihilator is somebody who helps an innocent (normally freshers) into the annihilated state aka annihilation

1. yo steve look at that fresher whos about to fall over go buy her another snakebite

2.yo holly come here i wanna annihilate u with my traffic cone cock, were gonna be bangin like a barn door

3. girl 1:next time that ho tries to beat me in a dance off im gonna smash his balls into his lungs

girl 2: u crazy biatch you're such an annihilator
by E-blocka October 19, 2006

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