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The sound you make when you spit hairs out of your mouth.
I forgot to shave my down stairs this morning so she was pth'ing the rest of the day.
by E-bag April 20, 2009
I mix between a black male/female and a hispanic male/female.
The mexican mom hopped the border and the black dad ran through the ghetto to meet half way with each other to fuck and make they're Niggerachie baby.
by E-bag April 18, 2009
Just finishing up from a blow job the male squeezes the remaining seamen from his penis into the girls mouth.
She said that last bit of seamen was quite zesty, then an enormous smile grew on my face. I then sneakingly turned to my night stand and checked off Drizzling Delight, it was right next to Alligator Fuckhouse.
by E-bag April 19, 2009
when you call/text/shout out to a buddy to tell them about a situation or about your day that consisted of you being a prick.
Tiffany: Hey Gabe :) (Gabewalking to his locker and this tease comes up and links arms with him)
Gabe: Don't fucking touch me...bitch
Tiffany: What the hell? Gabe seriously..whats your problem?
Gabe: You?! Now please, get away from me..
(While Tiffany storms off, Gabe walks behind Tiffanys quicker pace very satisfied of his Prickness)

After school he calls his bro dylan to give him a PRICK UPDATE, and rants on about how she will always comeback for more because of how much she want his 'D'.

Dylan then gives Gabe a PRICK UPDATE.
by E-bag November 09, 2009
is similar to call waiting, except the call coming in on your other line is your girlfriend ready to bitch you out
Gabe (talking to dylan): Today was pretty lame for me, how'd your day go....wait a sec i've got another call coming in...

Dylan: ...Alright

(Little does Gabe know that slowly overtime this act of defiance will really end up shaping his gallent superiority, simply by ignoring his call waiting or Call Bitching)

Gabe: Oh nevermind, I don't need to answer it. As you were saying...
by E-bag December 07, 2009
An act of defiance, to not come home for christmas because of ongoing conflict with your family. This conflict can be past or present.
(Incoming call from your brother back home)...Gabe you should really come back home with the family for the holidays this year.

Gabe: Happy Holidays You Bastards!!!!
by E-bag December 23, 2009
Black asshole
Was walking home from school today and I got glared down by a big Blasshole...stupid prick.
by E-bag November 18, 2009
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