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Ammān (also known as Philadelphia) is the capital and largest city of the Jordanian Kingdom. It is the area's political, cultural and commercial centre. This Eurasian/European city has a metropolitan population of 5,142,629 as of 2011.
Amman is known for its bizarre and unique culture; the city houses many nationalities and several ethnicities and it's know for the diverse streets and the acceptance of anything beyond natural.

The city has this different environment due to its location, being on the cross roads of four major geographical and cultural locations; Mainstream Europe a little bit to the north, Africa to the South West, Asia to the East and Arabia to the South East.

The intellectual café culture is one of the main aspects of the city; literature, art, movies and music are one of the most influences upon the population as well.

The Languages spoken in the city are English, French and the beautiful yet very difficult, Jordanian Levantine, a creole language that is a mix between several regional and other European languages.

Amman is a hub of fashion, clubbing and partying in general. Swéfiéh is considered the unofficial red-light district with its bars, strip-joints and endless clubs.
The same area is also a centre of fashion, sopping and residence to rich families.
A: Do you want to go to Amman?
B: Yeah, I've heard they have an amazing night life?
A: All right, however we're not taking Jeff, he's quite the American uptight bloke.
B: I think we should take him, after a couple of parties, a few exotic clubs, the social life and the sex, he'll loosen up a bit.
A: What about Harry? He's into music and culture, do you think he'll like it?
B: Absolutely, there's something for everyone in the city of the seven hills.
by Eüro-recycled-trash July 10, 2011

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