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Slang for the male genetalia, specifically the penis. Syn: penis.
That guy has a huge wang!
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003
col. A porn star.
D00d, d4t f001 15 0n3 m4j0r pr0n st4r!!
by Dystynt Methods March 20, 2003
Similar to a freestyle battle, except where a select portion of a sentence is integrated with the phrase, "your mom," and repeats back and forth between two 'your-mom-ers' until one runs out of variations before the other.
albo #1: is scott giving u a ride?
albo #2: giving ur mom a ride?
albo #2: riding ur mom?
albo #2: what what!!
albo #1: riding isnt a good choice to have a mom battle over too many nasty refrences can come out of it
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003
Slang for anus; 5th grader terminology.
He takes it up his poo chute.
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003
v. To violently beat down a person with one's penis.
Yuna had bruises all over her after Joseph Duong penisired her.
by Dystynt Methods March 21, 2003
Infinitive of penis; to penis someone|something.
I penisired him last night.
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003

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