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a french fry that has been flattened and shaped into a circle, with two eyes and a smiley mouth cut out. These greasy delicacies were created in hopes that they would cheer up fat, overweight children in schools across America. But, sadly these happy potato snacks are eaten as regularly as normal french fries, potato wedges, tater-tots, or curly fries. There is still debate about the true reason behind all the extra work put into school food such as this, considering the fact that school lunch is still disgusting and noone enjoys it.
dude 1:dude, gimme your potato Smileys...

dude 2:no....go get your own
by Dylan Sanders April 18, 2008
1.A president that has no clue how to spell

2.A brand of beer.spelled "Busch".

3.A woman's hairy cooter.

4.A stupid person. pronounced "Boosh"

5.A place in Australia called "The Bush". Named after a woman who was said to have crabs. Noted for it's dry, arid climate and little chances of getting wet at any time of night. Very dangerous near the trenches; poisonous crabs like the cool breeze, and so make their home there.

6. A little tree that just suffers from being vertically challenged
1. Bush just said "Nukular" again.

2. Here, kid. drink some Busch.

3. Here, hon. drink this, itll put hair on your bush.

4. You stupid freakin boosh.

5. I went into The Bush once. My friends and I got bit and decided to pull out and go home.

6. haha......stupid bush.
by Dylan Sanders April 18, 2008
An adjective referring to someone who is a "hooch", not to be confused with the name of a dog, or the word "hoochie", or "hoochiemama". Usually followed my an exclamation mark or series of exclamation marks. Used when verbally addressing an annoying or stupid person who is constantly at your house and eating all of your food. Also see FDK.
1."Shut the damn door hooch!"

2."Quit makin' a fuckin' mess hooch!"

by Dylan Sanders April 14, 2008
a person with an affro, mini fro, or mass of curly/ sproingy hair on top of their head.
"What's up Pewbz?"

"these corkscrew curls, that's what"
by Dylan Sanders April 15, 2008
means "Fat Dumb Kid". A child who has the qualities of being fat, pudgey, gellatinous, dough-like, and/or dumb, half retarded, cobweb-headed, or droolmonkeyish. A "FDK" usually sits at home on myspace and/or attempts to skateboard with his more thin,able-bodied friends. If you attempt to sit bare-assed upon a "FDK" (see chewbacca ass), you will most likely recieve a finger in the ass and/or your nutsack kissed forcibly due to the laws of gravity acting unfairly against the "FDK"
"He is the FDK of the group"

"What does that mean?"

"It means hes the Fat Dumb Kid"

"Well it fits..."
by Dylan Sanders April 15, 2008

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