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When a bloke has the runs so bad he pisses out his ass like a girl pissing out her flange.
'Dude my ass is like batman's exaust pipe, ive been pissing like a girl out my arse for like 30 minutes!'
by Duttyboy February 11, 2010
When you pull down your trousers and boxers and do a huge bare ass fart or your mates face and spray his face jus a little with poo. Usually played as a prank wen the victim is asleep or restrained.

Its kinda like a shart but in someone's face.

The spray is usually Due to the fact that you've had the shits (diarrhoea) prior to the fart.
Guy1: 'Oh dude you just shit sprayed in jimmy's face!'

Guy2: Yer... my bad. I was pissing like a girl out my ass earlier. Probli should of thought about the consequences beforehand ey??

2 Hours later.

*Jimmy wakes*
Jimmy: 'My god, someone needs a fresh pair of boxers.'
by duttyboy February 09, 2010
A girl who is so filthy, dutty, and yeast infected that you would need at least 8 pints to go anywhere near her or her muff area.
Joe: mate that bird last night was fookin fresh son!!

Matt: dude how many pints did you have?

Joe: 8, why? oh no.. please dont tell me she was an 8 pinter!?!?!

Matt: she was a close to a man as a woman can get. Mate, please say you wore a johnny cus im not gonna go with you to the clinic.
by Duttyboy February 12, 2010
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