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When anyone called Anne does something awesome
Woah, Anne just scored a hole in one! That was annetastic!
by DutchPrince December 29, 2008
A hole in one on Jippii minigolf

Made famous by Klaas7 and MattsMunchkin for scoring more ho1es in one season then anyone else
Oh my gosh, did you see that ho1e MattsMunchkin just scored!? That was amazing!
by DutchPrince December 29, 2008
Born in NYC, but came to Melbourne, Wally is a legend among llamas world wide. He is a quarter Aussie, American, Dutch and German.
Wally the llama is having fun in Melbourne
by DutchPrince December 29, 2008
A Jamacan/American group from Australia who sing such classics as "Peggy Sue I love you" and "Sistahood" parts one and two.

The identity of the singers is a closely guarded secret.
Woah, lets go on the Sistaz world tour! They're first show is in Melbourne!
by DutchPrince December 29, 2008

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