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A water-friendly alternative to a shower perfected by the Pakistani community. Instead of washing one's self when extremely sweaty and/or dirty, the individual simply uses toilet paper as a towel, then sprays deoderant in the hope of disguising their smell and never having to properly clean themselves. The odour is never completely masked, and the smellier the paki, the more highly regarded they are by their bretheren.
(After playing football all lunch)
Ricky: "Vishal, get me a coke and some toilet paper"
...after using the toilet paper to dry off...
Akshay "here, i stole this deoderant off a 12 year old for you"
Ricky: "good, now im ready for lessons"

Innocent onlooker: "typical...that paki shower cant cover theyre stench"
by Dushe June 11, 2008

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