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Cantonese equivalent for English 'cunt'. Usually used with adjective 'chau'/'chow' (smelly). Pronounced with high note ending.

Also means 'Yes' in Cantonese if pronounced another way(!!!). The 'yes' pronunciation has a low note ending.

Not to be confused in pronunciation with Japanese 'Hai' (Yes/Affirmative). The Japanese pronunciation is short and abrupt.
Cunt - 'Diu nia ma chau hai' - Fuck your mother's smelly cunt.

Yes - Are you a foreigner who is mispronouncing 'yes' with 'cunt'? - "Hai"
by Durian March 26, 2004
Common in Malaysian/Singaporean Cantonese. Equivalent to English 'cunt' (vagina).

See also 'Hai' or 'Chauhai'/'Chowhai' ie 'smelly cunt'
Cibai this stupid keyboard!
by Durian March 26, 2004
Malay equiv. word for 'asshole' or 'shit' depending on context.
Asshole: You celeka!

Shit: Celeka this keyboard!
by durian March 28, 2004
Cantonese - smelly cunt. See defn for 'hai'.
Lei ge chauhai! (You smelly cunt!)
by Durian March 26, 2004
See 'chauhai'
Please see 'chauhai'
by Durian March 26, 2004
literally 'rotten penis' in Malaysian/Singaporean colloq. Cantonese.
You lanciau!
by Durian March 26, 2004
Bastardised Chinese-Malay hybrid word. Literally 'Rotten dick'. Used as noun to describe an idiot, asshole, dickhead.
You are such as lanciau!

Celaka you lanciau!
by durian March 28, 2004
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