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aka "MTL." Located in South Jersey.

It's been nominated as one of the best places to live, obviously.

Not to be confused with Medford, Moorestown, Marlton, even though they're pretty much all the same!

Don't live here unless you wanna pay property taxes out the ass! 99.7% rich and white. The rest?...not so much white, not so much rich.

A SHIT TON of spoiled rotten kids that never hear the word "NO."

You might think this town is small and inncocent but once you get past the mansions, shopping plazas, and nice-ass restaurants on every corner, you know there's some drugs rollin around (probably from all the rich parents giving their kids money on their own personal CreditCard account.)

No kid knows how to pump their own gas, or pay for it for that matter (that's the parents job.)

Most kids go to Lenape High School, where the outfit of choice for girls, is a Juicy Couture sweatsuit. And for guys, Abercrombie t-shirt and jeans, usually covered by NorthFace jacket or vest, with Ugg slippers. Everyone pretty much looks the same.

Kids start smoking, drinking, and having sex as early as 6th grade... why? Because we can. We're not snobs, we're just better than you.

Shore houses for EVERYONE whether it's in OC, AC, LBI, or WILDWOOD.

Oh, and if there's not a Wawa within 5 miles of where we're going, we're not going, cause I really want an Italian Hoagie.
Samantha: I'm from Mount Laurel, NJ!

Ashley: Oh, NJ? Bye.

Samantha: You're thinking of North Jersey, hun.

Ashley: Oh, haha, is that bag from Target?

Samantha: No, Nordstrom. Bye!
by DukeLax4 February 03, 2011

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