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A person born in New Zealand, a small country made up of two islands below and to the right of Australia.

There is a historical rivalry between Australians (commonly called Aussies or, occasionally, wankers) and the Kiwis (mistakenly called sheep shaggers). Despite this, the two peoples have a strange habit of defending each other and feeling comforted by the others presence in countries outside their own.
A Kiwi and an Aussie are riding through the sheep country when they discover a sheep with its head stuck in a fence. The Kiwi gets off his horse, strides over to the sheep, shags it, and them gets back on his horse. He looks at the Aussie who is staring at him and says, "Sorry mate, do ya want a go too?" "Alright," says the Aussie and gets off his horse and walks over to the fence where the sheep is still stuck. After a pause, he looks back at the Kiwi and asks "Do I have to put my head in the fence?"
by Dudewheresmypoose August 24, 2006
To say that one is "gone burger" means that one is in the process of vacating the area.

Similar to saying "I am leaving".
"Dude, who farted? I am so gone burger."

"What happened to Jimmy?"
"I guess he's gone burger."
by Dudewheresmypoose August 24, 2006
A term coined in New Zealand meaning a very large cat. That is, a "puss the size of a moose".

May be used in reference to a large person who is the size of a moose but acts like a common household cat.
"Dude, where's your poose?"
"Where's my poose dude?"

"Oooooch, I am a poose, it's true." (said while scratching furniture or padding down bed.)
by Dudewheresmypoose August 23, 2006

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