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1. Disgusting, revolting, dirty, foul.
2. (Slang) Anything that is awesome beyond comprehension. Much like the 90's term "filth" and the 80's term "bad".
1. I don't know how you bang your girl mate, she's squalid.
2. Mate, your girl is hot... I bet she's totally squalid in the sack.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
The coolest fuckin place on earth. The place to be if you got a penis. BURN IN HELL BAYLOR! YOU WERE BORN IN YOUR MOTHERS ASS!
1. " Dude McCallie just beat baylor's ass for the seventh year in a row!"
2. " Gettum McCallie!"
by Dude Man October 16, 2004
1. Extremely disgusting conditions. Usually related to living conditions.
2. Any genitalia that is poorly maintained or foul in scent.
1. Mate, I can't believe you live in this squaller!
2. I went to give him head and I almost threw up. It's not a dick, it's fucking squaller!
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
feical matter that comes out of your burnt collen in to a rounded saucer formly known as a bowl.
1."Dude, did you do your history homework?""Aw crap, Dump in a Bowl"

2." Man, that fat paraplejic lady with three testacals made me wanna dump in a bowl."
by Dude Man October 16, 2004
One who is generally sleazy, sneaky, and cunning, soley for his benifit.

Origin: In old english, a "Jabber" was a horny man who would try to quickly "jab" his penis into any hole or crevice often victimising women and even other men who were unaware but left with an icky, creepy feeling.
There's something about her boyfriend I don't like. He seems like a bit of a jabber.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
A rapper who ran out of cool ways to spell words incorrectly.
Biatch, don't phuk wit mee. I'm a gudd daam wrapper.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
one who knows not too much about not too much
Bush and Dmitriy sittin in a tree....
by Dude Man June 24, 2004

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