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When four men go into a small shower at the same time and urinate on each other.
Once they were in the hotel room, the four lumberjacks headed for the bathroom to set up the Polish Lemonade Stand.

We told everyone we had a Polish Lemonade Stand last night and they all looked at us with adoration.

Yo, that Polish Lemonade Stand was crunk. I barely had room to stand in there.
by DubSizzle April 26, 2004
2 fingers in the vagina and one finger in the anus using 1 hand.
"Right in her snatch
Two fingers you stash,
While in the ass you linger
With your pinky finger."

"You have two in the goo
You're almost through!
Now don't be a quitter...
Put that pinky in her shitter"

2 in the sludge, 1 in the fudge

I'm gonna get her with one in the shitter!

Going to town with one in the brown.
by DubSizzle November 29, 2004
This is when two people get under the covers and have a 69 while farting.
They ate bean burritos to get ready for the dutch 69 later that night.
by DubSizzle April 25, 2004

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