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The part of a man's hanging ball sack that shows when you moon someone.
Is referred to as a person/pet.
Man 1: Hey man, do you wanna meet the goblin?
Man 2: Uhhhh sure
Man 1: (pulls down pants and moons Man 2)
Man 2: Douche

Man 1: Hey doucher, quit dicking around or I'll show you the goblin.
Man 2: I'm a huge tool and fail at life and Xbox.
Man 1: Alright, I warned you (moons Man 2)
by Dub Ard September 09, 2009
To totally own (or pwn) something or someone but implies ejaculating all over them afterwords.
Commonly used in sports, specifically swimming.

Can be used as a noun: Merkage
Swimmer 1: Oh total merkage! I just destroyed you!
Swimmer 2: *cry* You douchebag!

Kid 1: Hell yeah, I totally merked that kid in debate class.
Kid 2: Yeah man, you raped his ear pussy with words.

Girl 1: Can girls merk someone?
Guy 1: Most definitely babe.
by Dub Ard September 08, 2009
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