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1. Most definitely THE greatest band in the history of music. Also the coolest band to be a fan of along with Megadeth and Judas Priest
2. One of the most loved bands in the world along with Slayer and Judas Priest.
3. Quite possibly one of the most talented bands in the history of music, not only on instruments, but with vocals and songwiting ability
4. The reason why we have Power Metal and Thrash metal (both great)
5. People who dislike them are all below the age of 16 and think real heavy music is Slipknot and the like.
1.O my god they are so awesome
2.I walk into a public restroom with my Maiden hat on, some kid looks at me and says "hey-ey! Iron Maiden wooo!!!!!" *devil horns*
3.Listen to Infinite Dreams, thats the highest quality guitar work and songwiting you will ever hear
4. Thank Maiden for great bands such as Metallica (Lars says he got his thrash inspiration from listening to 22 Acacia Avenue)
5.Dipshit Kid: Iron Maiden suck, they are old as hell and soft i listen to real bands like Slipknot who are much cooler.
by Dsizzle January 02, 2006
Fat Chick Tag-a-long
1. The one fat disgusting chick in a group of dope ass girls. The one who they all look at to feel better about themselves.
Karli Gartrell

Yo, shes just the F.C.T. in the group dont mind the ugly bitch
by dsizzle November 24, 2003
the most scandelous person ever known to man
you just got run on by Scamit the mother fuckin weasel
by DSIZZLE November 22, 2003
A dumb girl and her attempt to play hard to get, be the bitch, or the attempt of just pulling bullshit
Bitch you better quit playin games, I'm tired of that loose pussy.
by DSIZZLE November 22, 2003
The most genius of players, the one who can run them all and still pull shit like a real one.
you wish you could be like hoody, bitch.
by dsizzle November 24, 2003

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