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A white man with a thin, but long penis, exceeding at least seven inches
girl: I had sex with my boyfriend. He's a Gartrell
by aok34 July 12, 2006
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1. a person with shitty asian tattoo's who is not asian and is probably white.
2. a person with an asian influenced penis (small), also usually thin.
3. the kind of person who would write smack about someone else over the internet.
1. white guy 'look at my cool asian tattoo's!'
me 'you're white dude, asian tattoo's are for asian's! what a fucking gartrell'

2. 'i like asian influenced things!'
me 'in your pants...'

3. 'i'm going to write some smack about people on the internet!'
me 'dude don't you're such a gartrell if you do!'
by JG ninja March 03, 2008
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