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2 definitions by DrunkenLunken

1) A common item that has little value, but is being passed off as being rare and highly sought after by a salesperson.

2) A black, jewish, female name.
1) That Shamwow is hardly unique...more like Jewnique!

2) "Hey Jewnique! Ryan said he loves you ghetto booty and big nose!"
by DrunkenLunken December 12, 2009
1) Masturbating to the point of painful soreness while reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series or watching the Legend of the Seeker television series.

2) Richard Rahl's formal name.
1) Ryan pulled a Penis Rahl watching Kahlan bathing in the lake on T.V.

2) Should I call you Richard, Dick, or Penis Rahl?
by DrunkenLunken May 16, 2009