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A beautiful girl with a curious mind that leads her into all kinds of troubles. A friend to all with no time to herself. A philanthropist in every way. The person to seek out for she will have the answer. Eclectic, Full of life, but not without trials to come.
Kahlan is eclectic, she enjoys anything that would help her to learn. Think : Artist, musician, explorer, teacher, student
by Dvirr February 02, 2010
Kahlans are amazing people and even better friends, they are very sexy, and make amazing girlfriends and wifes, they choose the best boyfriends and are great performers, they are very clever and adventurous, a kahlan is very loved ( usualy by people named Tiago)
Boy 1: hey isn't kahlan hot today
Boy 2: yeah I wish I could date her
Tiago: well screw u guys because I already am :P
Boy 1 and 2: u lucky bastard!
by kahlan_lover_ tiago June 26, 2011
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