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2 definitions by DrumSpot5.5

Noun - A contraction of "Cock-gobbler" or "Cum-gobbler" for a woman who performs copious oral sex on multiple male partners (although not neccessarily all at once).

also: verb - to C'obble
Dave: Dude, did you hear about Amie? She totally gave head to, like, twelve dudes last night!
Eric: Yeah, that girl is such a C'obbler.
by DrumSpot5.5 December 13, 2009
9 2
A combination of the words "snatch" and "snot," and is used to describe a woman's vaginal mucous (i.e. snatch snot).
That girl was so wet that when I pulled out, my dick was positively dripping with snotch.
by Drumspot5.5 November 22, 2012
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