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When you call in sick, but you are not really sick. You are just sick of work!!! It's when you need a day off (badly) to recover, and get yourself ready for the daily grind (again).
Hello Boss? I'm sick. Do I have the Flu bug? No..... I've got the work bug. I've got it really bad- full on hives and sh*t. I'll be back tomorrow.
by drizzle my nizzle January 24, 2010
When a well-liked co-worker is leaving the office for another job, or is moving out of town- it's when you schedule a last 'happy hour' in their honor. But, it turns out to be a tear fest, and becomes a 'sad' hour, rather than 'happy'- and combined with the tears becomes a 'sappy hour'.
We scheduled a 'sappy hour' in Annie's honor on Friday-her last day of work. Boy are we going to miss her!
by Drizzle my nizzle February 05, 2010
A bit of drunk Riverdancing.
Irish step dance meets booze. Driverdancing is when you can mix booze and a bit of talent.
by Drizzle my nizzle January 15, 2010
Driving while Asian.
Oh look! There is a high end MINI-VAN going 20mph on the 5 freeway. It must be a Drasian!!!
by Drizzle my nizzle January 24, 2010
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