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The deadliest being in the universe. Its complex brain-eating, ninja star throwing, universe traveling, Arg-saying, robotic wrangling skills are unstoppable... Plus, its super. It's like a fusion of Chuck Norris + Goku super saiyen 3 + Domo + Dracula + The Hulk + Fergie. Sometimes abbreviated as SZNSPRCV.
Person 1: "HOLY SHIT!"

Person 2: "WHAT?!"

Person 1: "I thought I just saw a Super zombie ninja space pirate robo-cowboy vamp!!!

Person 2: "RUNNN!!!!!"
by DriftingNick April 06, 2010
The highest point in friendship between two or more people. Once lost, it's hard as shit to get back.
"Dude, shes pissed at me..."

"What happened?"

"I have no idea but I wish we could just go back to the decemberdays... I hate when shes mad at me."
by driftingnick April 04, 2010
The mutated version of a normally happy go-lucky editor of Urban Dictionary. The mutation is caused by something maddening and annoying happening WHILE he is editing UD words. For example, eating pizza and accidentally getting grease all over his keyboard.
Nick: "AGHHH!!"
Tom: Holy shit he just got grase all over his keyboard!
by DriftingNick April 07, 2010
Amazing people who risk their lives everyday to help make Urban Dictionary a better website. Without them, the world would probably end by some chain reaction all because words on Urban Dictionary could not be published! THANK YOU EDITOR!
Parent: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Parent: What a great choice! I'm glad my son is so smart! Editors are HEROES!
-father-son high five-
by DriftingNick April 07, 2010

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