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8 definitions by Drift_91

The word that got Peter Griffin into the spelling-bee because his 3rd grade teacher was impressed by the fact he spelt a 3 syllable word even though he didn't do his homework.
"Homework is for buttlickers"
by Drift_91 December 01, 2009
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Noun - One of the many people who think that their Windows PC is 100% secure because it came with McAfee pre-installed. Usually ignorant, technically-inept and sometimes like to complain about how slow their computer is, typically blaming the slowness on some irrelevant factor such as their ISP when the true cause is McAfee.
Ignorant person: "Holy fuck my computer is slow as tits and everything keeps crashing!"

Computer guru: "You probably have a trojan."

Ignorant person: "Nah, I got McAfee."

Computer guru: "McAfee won't detect shit. And when was the last time you updated it?"

Ignorant person: "I dunno, the internet wouldn't work when it updated so I turned it off."

Computer guru: "OK, click actions then request remote assistance so I can work on the comp for you."

*Installs CCleaner, Malwarebytes, ASquared and SpyBot S&D - 5 hours later finds and removes 27 different adware, 8 spyware and 3 trojans then replaces McAfee with Avast*

Happier ignorant person: "Holy fuck it's faster."

Computer guru: "Of course it is you McAfee'tard!"
by Drift_91 August 29, 2010
13 6
A phrase meaning hard work. Typically used by a supervisor to order their subordinates to work harder. Originated as a military slang.
"We're on a tight deadline here! All I want to see is assholes and elbows!"
by Drift_91 March 02, 2012
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The meatwad of a pig, closely resembling the shape of a "corkscrew".
Odo likes to take porkscrews in the ear. That's why she's so brain dead.
by Drift_91 July 31, 2010
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When one is said to have stupid money, it means they have lots of money that they frequently spend either foolishly or impulsively on objects with little or no practical function.

For example paying far more for something because it contains a popular brand logo, when a higher quality product is available for a much lower price.


Can also be used in a more extreme sense to refer to spending of money simply for the sake of spending it. Such as Bam Margera purchasing a new Hummer and intentionally crashing it hours later.
"You should get Beats headphones by Dre."
"Dude, I don't have stupid money like you do."


Bam Margera buys a new house for his parents every year. That's just stupid money.
by Drift_91 May 22, 2011
7 4
1. A drug dealer or drug dealer's accomplice that approaches young teens and pressures them into taking free samples in order to get them addicted and coming back for more.

2. Anyone who tries to convince others to form a drug habit.
1. Hey, that man standing around the park just made John try some crack. Now he's gonna' by buying from him all the time.

2. Jake keeps telling me weed will solve all my problems. He's such a pusher.
by Drift_91 April 11, 2011
25 22
A stubby shotgun, like tactical shotguns used by SWAT and CT teams.
Shit dawg, CJ snitched on me for making them cocktail bombs, and the popos came bashin down ma' door wit' "stubz" an' shit.
by Drift_91 November 03, 2008
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