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A female on the snow who makes you crack a fat even in sub zero temperatures.
Time to get out the guns and get us a ski bunny
by Drew Christx July 15, 2005
One of the worst things you can call someone. One step above a moth.
That bouncer at Chalk is the biggest crumb.
#moth #stain #nuffy #dunga #flange
by Drew Christx December 05, 2005
The section of flesh between the cunt and the anus
See also banus
My cock missed re-entry and rammed into her canus
by Drew Christx November 11, 2004
Sweat, or sweat marks visible on clothing.
I can't believe the humidity! I've got arse pelch up the ying-yang
by drew christx June 06, 2005
Means Dick in Pussy. Can be expressed as a percentage or ratio.
J. Holmes (cumshot legend) D in P = 100%.
Marriott D in P = 0%.

Hey Marriott. How's it feel to have a dick inside a pussy? Oh you've never had that! Holy shit! Holy Fuck Marriott - you've never had your dick inside a pussy. Well fuck you ya dumb cunt. Go work for your fucking low tier company.
#transfield #et-telco.com #low brow #horse #aquestrian #colt
by Drew Christx April 08, 2007
A place that porch monkeys seem to congregate at. Good examples are pension offices, Centrelinks, pharmacies with their medical benfits card, bottle shops, KFC, fruit shops or anywhere with free shit or cars worth hotwiring or houses worth breaking into.
Walker: "Hey Jimmy, look at all those smabos over there!"
Jimmy: "Yeah well it is the watermelon festival and it's 2-4-1 40's day"
Walker: "Fuck, what a porch plantation. I bet Kernel Sanders wishes he was still alive. He'd make a killing out of all these wind chimes"
#vicary #alligator fuckhouse #dirty panda #wolfbagging #marriott
by Drew Christx January 17, 2007
When you put your cock into the wire basket from the top of a champagne bottle and run around. It looks like a muzzled greyhound.
Alright guys, whip out the champers, it's time to go greyhound racing
by drew christx May 24, 2005
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