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A pussy bitch kid that tends to listen to slow "get in touch with ur feelings i just got dumped by my girlfriend" music and wear tight cloths usually when wearing tight cloths considered to be what is called FASHION CORE. what needs to be done is that the emo kids need to wake up and stop listening to that slow shit and get some DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN or PAINT IT BLACK INTO THERE FUCKING HEADS those band will help them relize what feeling is.
THERE is no example for them
by DREW December 28, 2004
The second best Family Guy caracter, next to Peter Griffin.
"Wait, wait, wait.... You took me away from a Sweedish Girlygirl and her paralyzed but trusting cousin for this?"
- Quagmire
by Drew February 10, 2004
to be raped, to have a sex act forced upon you
That girl was narbed last nite
by Drew February 07, 2003
Back in 1996, someone started a rumor about how 311 is kkk. Thats bullshit, 311 is the most anti-racist band out there. Listen to the song unity by them , its about everyone being unified! 311 is amazing!
"311 is racist man!"

" fuck you dude, 311 isn't racist!
by Drew March 17, 2005
The Best Fucking band in the universe!
Person #1: You going to bring some bud to the 311 show?

Person #2: hell yea bro!
by Drew March 17, 2005
a puritanical way of saying gay.
"dude, do u think that guys ghey?"
"Hells yea, I would love to get him in my sack. Hey, I bet your dad would join in on that 3 way."
by drew March 18, 2005
Live Action Role Play...very fun...very very fun

Knight Realms is a fun LARP!
by Drew June 10, 2003
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