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small hick town on the outskirts of Iuka, MS. It is full of gas stations and racists. People of different races, gays, or anybody that's not a redneck does not survive here.
In Burnsville, your mom is your brother and your brother is your dad.
by Drew June 06, 2004
Verb (v)

To completely destroy/enialate either by violence or sexual activity.

Last night Drew pretended to be an angry black woman and said
"bitch, im gonna blick yo vagina."

...and he did indeed blick her vagina.
by Drew June 19, 2006
a fat kid with last nam beginning with h
Man look at that joe he cant play ball
by Drew March 08, 2004
similar to the shocker squared, the lotus is a double-handed hybrid maneuver. the middle fingers finger the pussy, the pinkys finger the anus, and the index fingers play with the clit.
dude, did you hear about justin? he gave sam the lotus.
by drew July 12, 2003
Tape Christgenson is also known as Taft. Also, the royals suck.
by drew March 19, 2003
A clothing brand equivelent to Hollister. Seen as a "rugged" or "tough" compared to the other "prep" styles when in fact it is much the same. Selling over priced items that appear to have already been worn.
Oh man, look at these sweet wrinkled cargo shorts, I'm so cool!
by Drew February 01, 2005
comes from the root word fellatio which is a blojob. means "it sucks"
I thought this cd would be good but its fellacious
by Drew May 11, 2004

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