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A phenomena, usually observed on forums and/or imageboards. A person, most often someone who tries to look exceedingly knowledgeable in the topic discussed, is being flamed/trolled to the point where they can no longer present "sane" arguments that will "fit their level", but yet are too proud to just quit.

This produces a considerable amount of lolz and win, for which the said person can be "milked" until they finally give up. Or drop dead. Hence the name.
( )
/ | LOL ||
* ||----||
^^ ^^
by DreadSmile April 15, 2007
A badass weapon used by Pyramid Head in the computer game Silent Hill 2 and the movie Silent Hill.

Shaped as a ~2m long blood-covered and rusted (just like any other object in Silent Hill, though) kitchen knife, in game it is very tough and somewhat awkward to use, but - it delivers huge amount of damage and great satisfaction. Found in Pyramid Head's room in the Labyrinth.

Does a creepy sound when dragged on the ground.
- It remains a complete mystery to me as to how James Sunderland manages to carry a weapon the size of himself along with a chainsaw and three different guns.

- Movie Great Knife looks a bit different, more like a real butchers knife, more pointy, and as far as I noticed, a bit larger.
by DreadSmile September 02, 2006
Something someone had set us up.

-What you say?
by DreadSmile April 15, 2006
Phil Berg is an american attorney who launched a $$911 million law suit against George Bush, his entire administration and the CIA, charging them with the full responsibility for the planning and execution of 9/11 attacks as well as murder of over 3000 innocent people.
"... alleging President Bush and officials, including Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Feinberg, and Senior Bush, that they had knowledge and warnings of 9/11, and failed to warn or take steps to prevent what occured on 9/11."

-From Phil Berg's speech on the law suit announcement in 2003.
by DreadSmile November 04, 2006

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