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Expressing deep sorrow or remorse. To dwell on a misfortunate outcome of an event with regret or displeasure.
Johnny was "brooding" after he found out the girl he was dating wasn't 16 as she initially told him but actually 13.
by Dre Dev January 05, 2005
When ones bottom lip is breathed in and out in moments of extreme disappointment, regret, envy, or misfortune. Also known as BLT or "Bottom Lip Treatment."
Johnny and i found two chicks at the caravan park. I was "brooding" after he took the hot one for a walk and left me with the coon.
by Dre Dev January 04, 2005
A term officially used in Texas Holdem Poker where a player is dealt two Aces. He is said to be holding 'Grillz' - the best possible hand at the time. The term can also be used to describe when someone shows skills in something they do or when something is unbeatable or extremely good.
Johnny was holding 'grillz' last night and bet all in.
by DRE DEV January 29, 2005

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