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A friendship or relationship that primarily focuses on the exploration of another's skin.

This word's origin is from Korea. Many Koreans learn English from a very young age, so a combination of the two languages was inevitable. The bastard child of these two noble languages is "Konglish."
Korean Teen #1: We must have skinship, so that we can be ready for marriage.
Draper Teacher: Are you kidding me? What in the blue hell is skinship?
Korean Teen #2: (after furiously thumbing through a korean-english dictionary) A representation of affection!
by Draper December 15, 2004
This term is used to describe a following within the hip-hop community, that wants to dress just like Kanye West or like Fonsworth Bentley.
J.Crew Sales Executive #1: I can't figure out why we've exceeded projected revenue for the 4th and 1st quarters...

J.Crew Sales Executive #2: Are you kidding me? You haven't realized the impact that the Kanye-Fonsworth Renaissance has had on the entire industry? J.Crew is gangsta now!!!
by Draper May 30, 2004
Acronym for (W)omen (O)utside (M)y (P)references.
Let's scram scholar, all the girls in here are W.O.M.P.
by Draper May 30, 2004
(noun)(plural) People in real life, that have Square Pants. (i.e. whitegirls et al.)
Guy 1: That chick over there is fiyah, I think I'm gonna holla.
Guy 2: Hell naw, dawg. Check out that backdoe. That's all you, cuz I don't mess with spongebobz.
by Draper May 28, 2004
A chap or lass that uses their mind as their lethal weapon, wielding their intellects in manners as diverse as a blunt object or as subtle as biochem.
He might look wimpy, but he's a formidable opponent...a real bookthug is you will.
by Draper May 30, 2004
Body Made Wrong
Guy: I don't know what it is about that girl that I don't like...

Gal: She got a B.M.W., plain and simple.
by Draper May 30, 2004

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