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Many people attack "pawned" as a misspelling of "pwned", but it has, in fact, become an acceptable spelling. The original origin of the word "pwn" was a typo, probably from a high-speed chat, of the word "own". Think how "the" is now "teh" in traditional l337 internet slang. In any case, looking at the origins of the word "own," one could deduce that it implies some dominance over something or someone. When "own" and "owned" became "pwn", "pwned" and "pwnage", the words came to mean the same thing; dominance and superiority. The new word "pawn" is very simmilar in the sense; its plain definition is to belittle or reduce someone or something to pawn status, essentially, "owning" them.
1. I pawned you! All your bases now belong to us!
2. Drake pawned Dopple in Warcraft III. You cannot stop the Orcish Hordes!
by Drake Christopher Dragon April 13, 2005
noun. A genre of American animation resulting from "cultural cross-fertilization" of Japanese Anime in the western world. Shows frequently incorporate Anime elements (big expressive eyes, exaggerated expressions, chibi characters, ect.), but have Western themes, vocals, and origins.

adj. An American-made animated feature featuring many cartoon elements from Japanese Anime. Usually used in a negative manner.
Shows that qualify under the genre Animitation include Teen Titans, Ben 10, Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi, Totally Spies, Code Lyoko, Winx Club, Witch, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, Megas XLR, The Boondocks.
by Drake Christopher Dragon January 22, 2006
A being capable of killing or slaying a god; murderer of deities.
Drake Christopher Dragon was known as "Godslayer," for murdering the dieties of Gaia in Draknorian lore.
by Drake Christopher Dragon October 06, 2004

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