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Living here in Jersey
Fighting villains from afar
You gotta find first gear
In your giant robot-car


(show Coop pile-driving a Glorft mech with Megas)


(end hard-thrashing rock music
Theme tune exolains it all
by Coop April 08, 2005
Giant robot with a car for a head

Modified to act like one big games console

Best show ever!
Big Giant robot beats up aliens what more would you need?
Pure Distruction, very funny and lots of violence!
by Coop March 30, 2005
Basiclly, american anime that involves a guy with a mecha, but is strictly a comedy. It is, by technicality, a cartoon, but relates more to anime(this is because the two makers are fans of anime). The show features the voices of Wendee Lee and Steven Jay Blum, basiclly, america's greatest voice-over actors. It is the greatest cartoon ever and shouldn't have been cancelled.
Megas XLR: The way cartoons should be.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! August 23, 2005
The only other Giant Robot show where the main male character isn't a smeggin' angsty Bishounen. (see also: Xabungle)
Four buttons on the MEGAS control panel:
Button: *Destroy the world*
Button: *SMITE the world*
Button: *Destroy the world worse*
Button: *Save the world*

Guess which one is broken.
by BaanGaan August 06, 2005
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