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16 definitions by Drake

He thinks he's the coolest person on GameFAQs, surpassing even Jet0r's ego. He also thinks he's awesome for having 85 Slayer, but in reality, he's the biggest goddamn noob you'll ever see.
**** Vash. Stupid noob.
by Drake March 30, 2005
A barney lover that uses barney for his signature
Omg its barney! And check out all those soujis!!! They have barney pictures on their shirts!
by Drake January 11, 2005
What Americans say when the make fun of the Germans.
Dood look I'm a German.. huminadooginstrurdle rofles my wafflez
by Drake October 18, 2004
when a boy or gurl gets it up the ass and sucks the packers shlong after being in the schvinktor
katie is a brownie muncher since she got it up the ass and sucked the poo infested peepee
by Drake April 21, 2004
King Vash's loverboy. He loves to suck up to King Vash and be his bitch. Vash spanks him with his Whip in return. A relationship that is bound to crash eventually.
"I <3 H3X" ~ King Vash
by Drake March 30, 2005
The area inside of Bush's skull.

Idiot: A person with the mental ability of under 3 years of age(George W. Bush)
All republicans are gay!
by Drake January 15, 2005
Every person who loves imports worships this car. Around 280 Hp stock.
Ricer: My skyline has 280 HP!
Non-Idiot: My Trans Am has over 300...
Ricer: But mine is ment to upgrade! Your's is slow.
Non-Idiot: Mine isnt even super/turbo charged, not to mention any interior engine modifications.
Ricer: But...but...
Non-Idiot: Pwnt
by Drake July 17, 2004