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3 definitions by DrRodimus

Text conversation end indicator.Equivalent of "over" for walkie talkies.
"Just gotta run an errand before I get you"
"Need anything?"
by DrRodimus September 14, 2011
in a time where individuals are getting ridiculous tattoos,the idea of getting something worth the time and money is questionable.So finding something interesting in any way is similar.
John-"So I read something great the other day about the creation of Gumby"
Wayne-"Um,is it tat worthy?"
John-"Not really"
Wayne-"Then don't care"
by DrRodimus September 14, 2011
verb.The act of awkwardly nestling your head in the length of the shoulder to the head during a hug.Occasionally making subtle moaning sounds.
"Dude what took you so long!?"
"Sorry bro,but I got stuck gettin an Aunt Suzie from Dale before I left"
"Guy is either really funny or really creepy"
by DrRodimus September 14, 2011