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(n.) poose-KaKa
having the characteristics and/or mannerisms of someone who is afraid of small, amphibian creatures; such as a frog. Said term will then be used casually to address and describe this individual for the duration of his/her association with others.

also see puss ; pussy
"Carl screamed like a girl when he saw a toad on the sidewalk. What a puss-kaka!"


"Is Carl making it to Miami?"
"No, that puss-kaka is probably afraid of the alligators."
by Dr.Gonzo July 31, 2005
(n.) Sid-ee-key
a potent, homemade alcohol; predominant in the Arabian penninsula. Siddiqui (also called "sid", "white", or "brown") has the properties of being 190+ proof and will often provide consumers abilites in loud and obnoxious behavior, projectile vomiting, evasion of inept security forces, and a perceived hightening of opinion.

The quality of siddiqui is based on how many times the liquid has been run through the homemade distillery. 4 and 5 run siddiqui is choice, while 1-3 run is classified as extremely dangerous and ought to only be consumed while under the supervision of a shaman-like proprieter; (see Rock-on).

also see moonshine; everclear
"The O'brien's had some killer siddiqui last night. I had eight brown and cokes and don't even have a hangover!"

"Mike had some crappy sid last night. It was 2 run and still had yeast sediment in it. That bastard needs to talk to Putnam."

"Sid and I are in love."
by Dr.Gonzo July 31, 2005

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