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The act of removing one's own testes, normally caused by overexposure to emasculating content.
Shane performed a self-castration after watching "twilight".
by Dr. Skinner April 19, 2010
Homosexual vampire, produces odd light when in contact with the sun.
Have you seen "Twilight". Yeah that Edward is a complete sparkler.
by Dr. Skinner April 19, 2010
While in missionary possition; Using one's pubic region to apply pressure upon the clitoris, while slowly rolling one's hips.
Brad can't get rid of Emily since he used The Skinner on her.
by Dr. Skinner April 19, 2010
The uncommon version of the "69" sexual position where the male is atop the female. Most commonly experienced in chicago.
I love to Chicago 69, though on occasion she gags.
by Dr. Skinner September 24, 2010
Uncontrolled spasms of the genitalia, followed by; the releasing of mass fluids, screams of ecstasy, the destruction of furniture, and other household items. Sometimes confused for an orgasm, but in reality it is exponentialy stronger.
After last nights orgazzzm I had to take emily to the hospital for dehydration.

The hotel charged me $900 in repairs for the damages I caused during yesterdays orgazzzm, but it was worth it.
by Dr. Skinner April 18, 2010
Someone with a minimum of 7 body piercings, not including their ears.
Alice hasn't been able to go near magnets since she was bedazzled.
by Dr. Skinner April 18, 2010
Irrational animals that often remove the testicles of their male counterparts.
When women can't accomplish something they yell at men.
by Dr. Skinner November 09, 2010

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