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That red-hot redhead that does the TV commercials for Katharine Gibbs Business School.
Lord, before I die, I need to know what it feels like to slide my cock into the Gibbs Girl.
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Verb - To suck; to perform fellatio.
"Sizzle mah dizzle, mo fizzle."
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Little known 1985 American road film by director Kevin Reynolds staring Kevin Costner and Judd Nelson (among others) and featuring a haunting soundtrack by guitarist Pat Metheny (see Metheny Face).
"When the fook is Fandango coming out on DVD?"
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Opposite of Word Up; implies a negative response.
"Want to go see Mean Girls with me and my 10-year-old niece?" "Word down!" "Huh?"
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Located in the vagina, a small, pearly white object (NOT semen) of unknown origin and composition. Easier to locate in highly aroused females. If you can't find it, go deeper.
Got me some white thing last night...
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Short for Kool and the Gang. Indicates approval with.
"Want to get some breakfast with me?" "That's K&TG."
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
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