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Acronym for North Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania. Often used by children who are fake gangsta and hang out at Denny's restaurant.
"I be from the NHT, I be one level above Irwin trash."
by Dr. Rob Jones March 11, 2008
A mother or father whose daughter has died.

Daughter + Widow = Dwidow

See also Swidow
Mr. Bathory was dwidowed last year when his daughter, Elizabeth, was murdered by a neighborhood man.
by Dr. Rob Jones July 21, 2008
A mother or father whose son has died.

Son + Widow = Swidow

See also dwidow
Ms. Columbus was swidowed last year when her son, Christopher, died in that boating accident.
by Dr. Rob Jones July 21, 2008
A banana for your hand. AKA penis, drive shaft, pickled pepper, tentacle.
"This is not your father's nursing home, keep your hand banana away from the guests."
by Dr. Rob Jones February 10, 2008

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