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5 definitions by Dr. Oxford

A word of Greek origin meaning to masturbate and ejaculate approx. 26 times continuously without breaking.
The 'bathlete completed the Masturbathon in his personal best time, 2 hours 36 minutes 9 seconds.
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
60 21
To create. One is only able to establish something once, for once something is established, it cannot be established a second time.
New York City was established when it became a city; New York City was not established when the Erie Canal became successful.
by Dr. Oxford November 24, 2004
10 6
A visual still image or graphically animated film most commonly used for masturbating to for an extreme climax or orgasm resulting in ejaculation. Often used to enhance performance in a masturbathon.
/noun/slang/h4x0rz for pornography
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
26 50
Noun / 1. McDonald's food; McDonald's food is a cross-between of food and bin fodder - therefore it is fod.
2. Something that tastes undistinctive or foul.
1. "The fod is gross."
2. "Frank, your penis is fod. When did you last wash it?"
by Dr. Oxford March 06, 2004
5 36
1. /noun????/ The pace at which an object moves.
2. /adverb/ To conclude that an object is moving fast or often somewhat rapidly. (hence the term 'speeding' meaning to break the 'Speed Limit')
3. /noun/ An Amphetamine in tablet form used most commonly for drug abusers to give off a sensation of energeticnessy ... thing.
1. "My car's speed will be extremely fast when put those fuckin' Turbos on!"
2. "Fuckin' hell, John, your car is moving SPEED with those Turbos on!!"
3. "Look mate, you wanna buy some speed? Goin' cheap, I got too much on my hands."
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
20 63