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3 definitions by Dr. Lucifer Satan

fees that come once a month or are stacked onto purchaces. they are a government's way of saying "you dont own anything, not even your own life". used to dump vast amounts of cash into the upper class' pockets.
IRS agent: please deposit the money you didnt earn with the life you do not own for this ridiculous tax we made up 5 minutes ago.
by Dr. Lucifer Satan March 14, 2009
pronounced: noo-buh
a term that means one is new to something (primarily gaming). new people to internet lingo believe this to be the derogatory of newbie, Newb, which is wrong.
noob: hi, im a noob to this game, can a senior player please give me some tips to playing
senior player(internet lingo ignorant): no asshole, go QQ in that corner over there
senior player(internet lingo savvy): sure, although you might want to write this down. Also you should use (websites relevant to game) if you need any help.
by Dr. Lucifer Satan March 13, 2009
pronounced: ne-ew-buh
a derogatory word that means one who has the skill of a noob while having done a relatively large amount of something. incredibly stubborn, this degenerate sub-race of the human species thrives off of skilled others. they primarily troll in and around forums and online video-games
Starcraft tower deffence player 1: everyone should build their deffences like mine
SC TD player 2:that doesnt work newb, the enemies will just attack your photon cannons
SC TD P1(after match): you should have lissened to me, if you payyed attention, i didnt let any enemies through
by Dr. Lucifer Satan March 13, 2009