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Acronym for Overwhelming Feelings Of Concern.

Pronounced "Oh, Fuck"

What a douche says about their significant other instead of using the L word. (Love)

OFOC means I like you but not enough to invoke the L word.
I totally have OFOC for my current Betty.

He was moving beyond the OFOC stage of their relationship, he actually said the L word.
by Dr. Johnson October 29, 2010
The mythical land one visits when indulging in LSD.
Upon my last visit to Lysergia, I couldn't wait to leave. Her landscape had become barren; her people were suspicious and fearful.
by Dr. Johnson May 06, 2004
Hand job complete with release. Either self inflicted or performed for you by a willing dairymaid.
After seeing her spread in Playboy, I spent the night churning butter.
by Dr. Johnson January 12, 2004
acronym: Dewy Tip (of an) Aroused Penis.

1) Something that is excited and ready.

2) To be over excited about something.

3) To show much more enthusiasm about something than would normally be expected.
Kevin was a total DTAP as he waited in line for the new iPhone to go on sale.

The DTAPs were all in the front row screaming as Katie Perry came on stage.

Dude, don't be such a DTAP - it's just Justin Beiber, wait 15 minutes and he'll be gone.
by Dr. Johnson October 15, 2010
A collection of computers working together (often networked) to produce a computer generated image (or more commonly an image sequence for animation).
The renderfarm was working hard on the animation's final frame sequences.
by Dr. Johnson January 12, 2004
Acronym for Hope You Get Laid

A fond wish you give to someone as you're saying goodbye.
Enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica, HYGL!!

Going to that new singles club? HYGL!!

So tonight's your 30th wedding anniversary? HYGL!!
by Dr. Johnson July 25, 2014
A person who is adorable, energetic and very enthusiastic about all things technical, especially the Internets but is totally clueless about how any of it works.

Their success is generally obtained accidentally, largely because they cuddle up to a real acheiver.

It should be noted that techno-hamsters have a tendency to get in over their heads, "falling into a heating vent" as it were.
"That Hooman is such a techno-hamster, he's number one on YouTube today because the video he posted and thought was funny, instead enraged the mob, getting him there anyway."

by Dr. Johnson January 13, 2008

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