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When a girl with an underbite scrapes your dick, often ripping skin in huge chunks off the penis :)
My dentist said I need dental work or I might preform a Mongolian Meat Grinder.
by Dr. Gobble-dick February 06, 2009
when a girl sits down in front of a giant fan, and a group of men blow loads into the fan. Covering the girl in a sweet sticky substance.
It was a hot day in the office, so we gave the secretary a Japanese Snowstorm.
by Dr. Gobble-dick February 06, 2009
Form of foreplay when green army men are inserted into vagina, then the girl stands up and marches around the room as the army men are parachuting out.
My wife knows what I like, she showed me the Vietnamese Jungle Drop.
by Dr. Gobble-dick February 06, 2009
When a apple on a stick is inserted into a nasty ass stinky ass vagina and is eaten by both partners.
My and my wife were hungry so i got an apple and a stick, and she spread her legs and we enjoyed an Armenian Candy Apple.
by Dr. Gobble-dick February 06, 2009

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