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Mid-Atlantic academic powerhouse that is considered to be the premier high school in the state of Delaware. Also known commonly as "CSW". Delawareans hold a tense relationship with Charter - as the school gobbles up the brightest and best of Delaware's eager middle schoolers (despite the uninspiring location and building). Revered and feared by other local schools, CSW has a reputation for dealing out serious pwnage in fields of science and math.
Yo, that kid went to the Charter School of Wilmington...I hear he is lethal with calculus
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
The latinization of the Malayalam term for human and/or animal excrement. "Thooty" is generally synonymous with the Malayalam word "chanagum", although the latter sees more frequent use in agrarian settings.
Watch your step as you walk - it would be rather unfortunate if you stepped in dog thooty
by Dr. Cest August 21, 2010
A colloquial term used to denote individuals who exceed the societal, cultural, and medical constraints on the "normal" amount of adipose tissue found on the human body. Generally, the term "fat" is used in a denigrating fashion when employed in everyday conversation, when in actuality "fat" in the purest sense is a substance and not a descriptor.
Oh my, it seems as if I have gained fat over the holidays
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
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