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Especially pungent and powerful marijuana marked by pronounced sedative-hypnotic effects
Your mother was so intoxicated last night that she received a three hole punch and an Alaskan mouth warmer from your brother and sister. The last time I saw her do that, she had been smoking "The bomb from Vietnam" I guess Martin Luther King Jr. day will never be the same for you again.
by Dr J G July 15, 2009
Especially potent marijuana. So potent in fact that its sedative-hypnotic effects were implicated in the death of movie star John Wayne
"Excuse me sir, but you appear to be so high that you must have smoked "the flame that killed John Wayne". If you did some cocaine in addition to that, you would be bloasted.
by Dr J G July 14, 2009
This word is the act of using diarrhea as an excuse to get out of an unpleasant task. Kind of like a recess.
Jerome did not want to go to jail for a third consecutive arrest for the possesion of crack cocaine during a routine traffic stop, he told the police officer that he was driving 83 mph in a school zone because he had explosive diarrhea. Nice fecess Jerome, I'm very proud of ya.
by Dr J G July 17, 2009
The act of placing cellophane over the mouth of an individual and creating a small pocket which is then filled with feces. The newly made feces will keep the mouth warm in the freezing temperatures of Alaska and other northern climes. The cellophane is for sanitary measures. This is useful when camping or when lost in the woods.
"Your younger brother told me that his lover gave him an Alaskan Mouth-warmer last night after intercourse because he was cold.....I thought that was sweet"
by Dr J G July 14, 2009
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