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The scale between 1-20 based on how intense giving oral pleasure to a male penis is. 1 being almost un-noticable, 20 being possibly fatal.
"Mike was so big, I swear it was gag factor 14 at least!"
by Dr A. Ris February 14, 2003
The act of forcing your member between a womans breasts while she vigourously shakes her boobies from side to side
"Yo your gran aint no good at Bombay Roll no more, coz her titties iz down by her knees aiiiiiii!"
by Dr A. Ris February 14, 2003
The back end of the human body.

Also see "rectum"
"Hello please, would you like to spank my bottom?"
by Dr A. Ris February 14, 2003
This is the act of where a bloke gets to have a whizz all over his girls body and even in her mouth
"I gave my gf a Golden Shower last night"
by Dr A. Ris April 02, 2003
A sexual S&M act. To preform the helicopter the slave must have multiple elastic bands and piece of card wrapped around his member, the bands are twisted so that when they are let go the card spins around much like the blades of a helicopter, causeing intense pain and peni lacerations
"You've been a very naughty boy Davey, I think somebody needs a helicopter!"
by Dr A. Ris April 02, 2003
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