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2 definitions by Downingboy

1.(v) to ejaculate on a woman's face.

2.(n) pornogaphic films where bukake is featured.

The word has entered the language through the porn industry, in a direct line from Japanese. Bukkakeru is a Japanese verb meaning "to dash (slosh) (water) on a person or in a person's face." In Japan Bukkakeru movies are highly stylised events where sometimes dozens of men ejaculate, in succession, on the face of a single girl.
1. Bukake videos feature prominently in my extensive porn collection.

2. My darling, may I relieve my building orgasm with a spot of bukake?
by Downingboy February 27, 2005
See 'Bukake' or 'Bukkake'
Word repeat: please see 'Bukake' or 'Bukkake'
by Downingboy February 27, 2005