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The act of placing plastic wrap around the bowl of a toilet and then slipping a strong laxative into one of your friends' drink. Once the laxative kicks in they will be greeted by a strong surge of their feces.
After Brian pissed in my face last week, I got him back with a dirty rebound.
by Douschie October 21, 2006
When one of your friends gets so drunk that they start growing stubble on their face. This makes them look very shit-faced and retarded.
Did you see the pictures from last night I was so wasted. Yeah, you definately had a sloppy adam going on.
by Douschie October 21, 2006
When a female is discharging from an STD, (preferrably white discharge) a man takes a paper towel or toilet paper roll and inserts it into the vaginal area. The man precedes to defecate in it. After removal of the roll, the waste begins to ooze out. Wash your hands before you eat and enjoy.
I don't care if she's a whore Robbie. She has the best tasting Fluff-pudding-and fish sandwich in the world.
by Douschie October 14, 2006
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