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An orgasm with that special little touch that only a Douglas can provide and one of the highest honors he can grant a lady. It is common to see lots of aggression, sweating, freakishly contorted facial expressions, and screaming while taking of the lord's name in vain during a Dougasm. When receiving a Dougasm one must remember to keep their eyes closed since exposure can lead to irritation, redness, swelling or even temporary blindness. After performing a successful Dougasm a Douglas is usually stricken with an urge to feast on a hearty meal and then fall into a deep death-like slumber until he awakens once more and is ready to volley another Dougasm onto another lucky lady. It has been said that receiving a Dougasm triggers a euphoric feeling similar to hitting the lottery, winning the superbowl or meeting God and knowing your getting into heaven.
I had a Dougasm inside her without a condom on so I had to change my phone number the next day.
by Douglas-Dono February 03, 2010
An ultimate attack created by Douglas.

The "Discipline!" technique is performed by getting into a firm leveraged stance, concentrating all of your strength into your dominant arm and unleashing a full swing open palm slap or back hand against your enemy. It is important to use your entire body to unleash the technique and scream "Discipline!" while performing the attack to maximize its destructive power.

It deals heavy damage to its target when it lands and also deals an additional 75% of the primary target damage to anything else within its range of attack. Increased damage can be inflicted by charging the attack and can be used multiple times based on the user's stamina.

This attack is most effective against people who like to bitch like a little girl, act disrespectfully towards you, damage your property, owe you money, disobey your rules, make bad jokes or stupid comments, underestimate your ability to kick ass, or question your manhood and/or lifestyle.
Callahan broke a vase in Doug's house. Doug used the "Discipline!" technique on Callahan and he was sent flying several feet.

Douglas screamed, "Discipline!" and unleashed his ultimate attack on Joshua several times for damaging his Playstation games. Joshua almost died but he no longer makes eye contact with Douglas or touches his belongings without his permission first.
by Douglas-Dono February 07, 2010

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