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The act of leaking out of your anus after passing gas.
"Dude! I just perficated all up in my pants!"
by Doughty July 20, 2004
The devote followers of Doughtyism.
AKA: Doughty bitches
AKA: Pupils
Become a Doughtyite today!!!
by Doughty July 20, 2004
A phrase usually shouted when smacking another person across the face to show who's in control of the situation.
"Splabow! Where's my money, bitch?"
by Doughty July 20, 2004
The religious following of Doughty. You should join. Apply inside...my pants!
Doughtyism will soon be the dominant religion of the world, and everyone will be my bitches!!! I mean...pupils!
by Doughty July 20, 2004
A new derogatory name for stupid white people. Not a racial slur so everyone can us it.
"Look at that wanker! He's so...WHITE!!!"
by Doughty July 20, 2004

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