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A ridiculously pretty girl. Perfect. A 10+
A chick who is so insanely hot that you're intimidated to talk to her. and if you bone you will be known for it for the rest of your life. Used during the same time that you use Birddog.
R: Dude, you smashed her?
J: Yeahh bro!
R: Daaaaaaaaaammmnn dude, she's a dragonhorse forsure!!
by DougggSlater September 21, 2011
A hot girl. Usually when you are in a crowd of a lot of people and you want to alert your friends when you see a good-looking chick that you'd bone.

Comes from: Fly (Bird) + Bitch (Dog) = Flybitch (Birddog)
Jeff: Birddog!!!!
Reed: Where?... Oh ya definitely a birddog, I'd smash!
by DougggSlater September 21, 2011

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