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The act of rubbing jizz in a circular motion on a person's forehead immediately after cumming on it with your index and middle fingers. Just as the blue-butted monkey did in the lion king after simba was born.
Guy #1: "Dude, that girl last night was so hot!"

Guy #2: "Haha, yeah she was until I Simba'd that ho."
by DougBoyFresh July 11, 2009
This is when a woman has recently had a baby and her husband/boyfriend still wants to get it on. The woman is asked to perform oral sex to her man while still taking care of the baby. Thus the milkshake is the act of performing head while continuing to allow the newborn to suckle on her teet. Effectively making this a threesome including a man, woman and baby.

Att: Baby can not be older than 4 years old.
The baby is crying and I'm horny....it's time for a Kenyan Milkshake.
by DougBoyFresh July 10, 2009
This is when a fine young gentleman is tossing a girls salad and she releases a fury of mud butt all in his mouth.
Guy: Do you want me to lick your ass hole?

Girl: Oh yeah! But I like my salad tossed with a little kenyan pop tart on the side.

Guy: What is that?

Girl: Get down there and I'll show you.
by DougBoyFresh July 10, 2009
The act of dropping your balls into a girls mouth with your penis laying on her forehead. As she pulsates on the nutt-sac she resembles a chicken wearing a mask.
"I love it when I take home a slut and slap a Memphis Chicken Mask on her."
by DougBoyFresh July 13, 2009
A jock-strap like device worn by women to prevent their excess vagina skin from sagging and hanging out of their shorts or skirts.

(WARNING!: A Hairpie Hugger is not to be worn with thong due to recorded side effects of possible braintooth, iphone malaise, finger grumblage and minor heart explosions.)
"Hey....I couldn't help but notice your vagina is hanging out."

"Oh shit! I forgot to wear my Hairpie Hugger."
by DougBoyFresh July 13, 2009
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